Docux v1 is out ๐ŸŽ‰

The best place to start your documentation.

Write pages in Markdown, use Vue components and enjoy the power of Nuxt.

  • +50 Components ready to build rich pages
  • Docs and Page layouts
  • Start from a README, scale to a framework documentation
  • Navigation and Table of Contents generation
  • Fully configurable design system
  • Leverages Typography and Elements
  • Used on Content Documentation
>npx nyxbi@latest init -t nyxb/docux>cd docs>npm install>npm run dev
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What's included

Nuxt Architecture

Harness the full power of Nuxt 3 and its modules ecosystem.

Nuxt Studio ready

Edit your theme content and appearance with live-preview within Nuxt Studio.

Vue Components

Use built-in components (or your own!) inside your content.

Write Markdown

Enjoy the ease and simplicity of Markdown and discover MDC syntax.

Deploy anywhere

Zero config on Vercel or Netlify. Choose between static generation, on-demand rendering (Node) or edge-side rendering on CloudFlare workers.

Design Tokens

Make Docux your own! Use Design Tokens to build your own Design System.